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   Zirigdum Carnival Costumes is a small company located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We create, produce and sell carnival costumes, carnival headdresses, carnival props and carnival accessories. Soon, we will have many other products. We are simple, honest and kind people, who love our work with the carnival and hope to serve you in the best way. We make new carnival costumes and new feathers headpieces, made to order, you can choose from our website, we have more than 90 options. We also resell carnival costumes that were used in the parades of the Samba Schools of Rio de Janeiro. Our work is carried out in different ateliers of carnival costumes located in the great Matropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro, by professionals with great experience in the creation and production of hundreds of carnival costumes for several years for the great Carnival Samba Schools.

   The new carnival costumes, by order, from the creation, until the sending to the buyer client, goes through different types of professionals. Blacksmiths, seamstresses, dressmakers, sculptors, painters, hatters. It will depend on the costume you will choose, and we will call the appropriate professionals to perform your new carnival costume. We call these carnival costumes 'new' because all of their pieces are new, fabrics, feathers, supplies ... all materials are bought new to suit your request.

   Already the carnival costumes used (soon), are provided directly by the Samba Schools. Our jobs with these carnival costumes used is to sanitize all the pieces and materials thoroughly and take care of every detail of the carnival clothing, and the carnival props redoing any part that has been damaged during the parade. They are excellent suits, wonderful with rich materials, and used only once. A great advantage for the buyer is that the prices of these costumes are much cheaper. And we guarantee that all the costume will arrive in your hands, clean, wonderful and impeccable!

   We also develop new projects for the creation of carnival costumes, samba costumes, theater costumes, costume for competitions, costumes for the carnival of Venice or other carnivals around the world or for any event in which you need fantastic costumes, beautiful and quality. Experience with our customers, shows us that our costumes last for many years. We specialize in developing carnival costumes for large groups, carnival costumes, carnival headdresses and carnival props, for men, for women, children, teens or drag queens.

We want to develop your project and create, together with you, your new and fantastic carnival costume. Tell us what you want! Tell us if the costume you want has a specific theme, in what colors and materials would you like to have a new costume. Do you have a picture? This can help us better understand what you need!

   We are waiting for your request, your email to begin to create fascinating carnival costumes, carnival headpieces, or any other fabric you ask of us. Our designs are handmade, with inks watercolors and pens, or in art using photoshop. When you or your group approves the designs and budgets we will send to you, then we will be ready to take the next step! And we'll see together the idea of your spectacular carnival costume being born!

   During the process of creating and making your carnival costume, from your request until the day we send you your costume, we will always keep you informed. We will send you photos to accompany the performance of your costume.

   All of our products are strictly packed with bubble wrap and in double cardboard boxes, very sturdy, to ensure that there will be no damage while traveling from your carnival costume, from Rio de Janeiro to your hand, anywhere in the World!

   After sending your carnival costumes or headdresses we will inform you the tracking code, and we will accompany together the course of your custom carnival zirigdum!

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Zirigdum The site was created , developed and managed by Brazilian photographer Bruno Villaça (35 years ) .

Bruno Villaça is the third generation of a dynasty Carnival Samba Schools of Rio de Janeiro . His grandparents and older uncles founded in the 1940s which today is one of the main Samba Schools in Brazil - Unidos do Viradouro in the city of Niterói . ( nearby the city of Rio de Janeiro city) .

At 14 years old , Bruno began his artistic career by creating and crafting costumes and giant carnival floats for the Mardi Gras parades cars .

Villaça worked for many years as assistant greats design Carnivale as Joãosinho Trinta, Max Lopes and one of the main designers of the scenography of Brazil , Gringo Cardia .

In 2004 , Bruno Villaça became a pioneer in selling costumes Carnival Rio de Janeiro over the Internet , and the 10 years he has sold about 3,000 costumes for different parts of the world, including costumes for carnival of Venice, Italy, costumes for groups of Notting Hill Carnival , the UK , or hats for Mardi Gras carnival for children of U.S. Virgin Islands in the Caribbean , as well as numerous other individual clients in all corners of the planet .

The artist is currently finishing his undergraduate degree at the School of Fine Arts at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro ( UFRJ ) , participates annually in the Virtual Carnival , carnival and as president of the Virtual School of Samba Sao Clemente Espírito Santo , and perform assists in creating and realization of sceneries and costumes for Brazil 's other great designers .