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Code: 015 HC

Price: $269,00 USD

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Wild Africa Headdress 

with Chinchilla and Pheasant Feathers

  • Headpiece: This is a wonderful carnival headdress, allegorically representing the wild African spirit. This carnival headdress has a fine structure of iron wire inside, lined with foams and fabrics to give comfort and be useable with dance and movements. In the decoration, they use garments, plastic pieces that imitate ivory teeth, chinchilla feathers, black cock-tailed feathers and orange pheasant feathers.

  • Shoulder pad with mantle: In this piece of the costume, a small jamb follows the front of the chest and on the back a mantle that can be opened with the hand, with prints of African tigers.

  • Belt:  also features African tigers' prints and chinchilla decorations and plastic pieces that mimic ivory teeth

  • Pair of fists.

  • Pair of anklets.


  All the work is strictly perfect, our        costumes are always made that         materials of excellent quality. 


All pieces of this costume are adjustable to different sizes.


But you can order costume in your exact measurements. Please tell us the size of your waist (in centimeters) and choose the size for your bra. (small / medium / large or extra-large). We can produce our costumes in larger sizes, plus size costumes, xl costumes. Or you can also ask to modify colors. The important thing for us is that we can fulfill your request and fulfill your dream of having a wonderful costume.


Deadline 3 to 5 business days.


Your new headdress and costume will begin to be performed by us immediately upon confirmation of receipt of your payment here in Brazil. We work with the best carnival artists to make their spectacular headdress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. All work will be perfect and magnificent in our hands, we are specializing in creating headdresses!
We are also prepared to create headdresses for your group, so we can talk about discounts. We look forward to your contact.


You can buy safely and agility via Payoneer or other international payment methods

Contact us by email:


It's easy ! It's safe ! It is quality !



We can ship to anywhere in the world.


Dress volume: 3 Kg / 6,61 lb

Carrier: Brazilian Post Company (Correios)


Options to U.S.A

Normal Shipping / 19 to 23 business days

$58,57 usd


Express Shipping / 8 to 12 bussiness days

$64,85 usd


Options to EUROPE

Normal Shipping / 19 to 23 business days

$60,57 usd


Express Shipping / 8 to 12 bussiness days

$73,71 usd

Options to AUSTRALIA

Normal Shipping / 21 to 24 business days

$67,14 usd


Express Shipping / 9 to 12 bussiness days

$113,42 usd

The payment button is set to pay for costume and express shipping cost to USA / Canada. If you are from another country or choose another type of shipping, contact us and we will send to you the appropriate invoice paypal.

also work with Fedex, DHL, UPS or other companies with guarantees for the deadline you receive your costume.

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